Oxmoor Ford Lincoln: New Tires in Louisville KY

Oxmoor Ford Lincoln Service and Quick Lane is your one-stop, expert source for new tires with any car, truck, van or SUV. Our certified technicians provide the experience and know-how to guide you through the task of choosing tires plus help you find ones that not only match your vehicle, but also your specific driving style and road conditions. Check out our great tire selection, get a tire coupon, or schedule an appointment to meet with our expert technicians at here at Oxmoor Ford Lincoln. Whether it is a full set of tires or one, you can expect excellent service with all your new tire services here at Oxmoor Ford Lincoln.

Why new tires?

Getting new tires is one of the best ways to keep your car running newer, more efficiently and longer. Our extensive career in servicing and selling tires makes us tire experts. Many believe that you can tell if you need new tires simply by looking at the tread depth. However that is only half the equation; tread depth also contributes to how well the tire does its job as designed. Since air is less dense than liquid, at highway speed it is basically moved out of the way with relative ease. However liquids are a totally different animal. When water collects on roadways there are multiple factors that determine when and if tires will hydroplane (lose contact with the surface of the road and glide on top of the water). It is not only tread depth but design, vehicle weight and water depth. These will also play into how quickly you can stop or steer your vehicle.

The driver's ability to keep control of the vehicle is entirely dependent on the traction between their tires and the road. This is what "Holds" the car on the road. If you've ever watched a Nascar race, you see that their tires do not really have much tread design or even much tread depth and in perfect conditions like dry roads or racetracks they still deliver traction. However in the everyday conditions with changing weather conditions and climate, tires do require tread designs to generate traction. Wet, slushy or snow covered roads (all of which we have here in Louisville Kentucky) where you may find standing water are the conditions we are talking about here. Since liquids cannot be compressed, they require the tire to move them so that it may reach the surface of the road. Racing tires with no tread lose traction at amazingly slow speeds anytime something prevents them from maintaining perfect contact with the surface of the road.

So, a tread design is necessary to direct water and slush out of the way allowing the car to be useful in all weather, as well as provide edges that cut into snow. The design also needs to be successful at doing so for your vehicles weight and size therefore not just any tire will do!

Tread wear affects how both the rubber tread and the grooves between them perform. A test completed by tirerack.com showed that tread which normally appears sufficient (as in the old penny test) can take a considerably longer distance to stop as well as much more time to stop as a new set of tires. So the risk to you and your passengers is not worth thinking that just because your tire tread looks good that your vehicle is safe in hazardous conditions. Have our experts check your tires next time you stop in, we're happy to do it! If you know that you do need tires make sure you check out our new tire coupon which is on our specials page!