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Staying Connected in the Lincoln MKX Crossover SUV

Luxurious and elegant, the Lincoln MKX is a crossover SUV that comes in four editions. Here's an overview on some of the vehicle's top features in the digital technology category.

The Lincoln Way application gives you a convenient way to monitor and control the Lincoln MKX on a smartphone. For example, this app lets you find and pay for a parking space in advance. 

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Lincoln Continental Technology Features

Lincoln has always been one of the leaders in the luxury car market. They always have the best interiors and the best speed for their class. What did you know they are now starting to lead the way and Technology as well?

First of all, they have the Lincoln Way App, which is the best way to stay connected to your 2018 Lincoln Continental. You can obtain and get parking reservations in advance, you can unlock and start your Lincoln remotely and you also can get roadside assistance!

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Powertrain Warranty vs. Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

It’s often said that a vehicle is only as good as the warranty, which is why it’s so important to understand the type of warranty that’s offered with your vehicle. We at Oxmoor Ford Lincoln Inc. want you to make an informed decision based on your knowledge. Come and speak to our salespeople and get the facts you need on warranties.

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What Should Be In Your Emergency Kit?

A roadside emergency kit is something that can save your life if you are stranded for any reason. Ideally, you will keep a flashlight, water and energy bars in a shaded area of the vehicle. A flashlight makes it easier to see when changing a tire or checking the engine at night.

The water and energy drinks can help keep you hydrated and energized through what could be a wait of several hours.

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How Can Gaskets Prevent Breakdowns?

It might seem unlikely that blown gaskets cause more breakdowns and accidents in Louisville than anything else, but it’s absolutely true. The problem isn’t that gaskets are unreliable, it’s that most people don’t entirely understand what they are. Well, that’s alright, we’re here to clear up some misconceptions about gaskets right now.

What does a gasket do? It’s a seal, flexible, made mostly of steel or copper, intended to prevent mixing fluids or escaping/invading air. 

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Environment Friendly - 2018 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

In the market for a new mid-size luxury car but you also prefer one that's environmentally conscious? The new 2018 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is the car you are looking for and below are two features that make this car exceptional:

  • MKZ Hybrid - The 2018 MKZ Hybrid was engineered with the environment and fuel efficiency in mind. The MKZ Hybrid was designed to provide the driver with 41 mpg while driving in the city and 38 mpg for highway driving, estimated by the EPA team. 
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Test Drive the Lincoln MKT in Louisville

The Lincoln MKT is a mid-size crossover sport utility vehicle that is recognized for its power. Its twin turbo-charged engine delivers 350 foot-pounds of torque and up to 365 horsepower. Whether you need to drive up an incline or tow a trailer, it will get the job done with ease.

This crossover SUV also delivers adaptive cruise control. When you are on a long trip and driving on the interstate, you set the speed. If the vehicle's computer detects a slowdown in traffic, it automatically slows itself. 

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What Are Some Signs Your Ignition Requires Servicing?

Most car owners don't know exactly what their ignition does. They just know that when they turn the key the car starts. That is why we here at Oxmoor Lincoln of Louisville, KY are here to give you a rundown of some of the most common issues associated with your vehicle's ignition.

First, freewheeling, which occurs when you turn your key and only hear a high pitched whining sounds, is a major indicator that a dealership needs to be contacted immediately. 

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The Lincoln Navigator Provides Good Handling and a Comfortable, Quiet Ride

With a luxurious interior, roomy seating, and a long list of features, the Lincoln Navigator provides a comfortable, quiet ride, even on long road trips.

For better handling, the Navigator has six drive modes. The drive modes include: Normal, the sporty Excite mode, the fuel-efficient Conserve mode, the 4x4 automatic mode, the inclement weather Slippery mode, and the Slow Climb mode for driving in deep mud and snow. 

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